Back in my primary and secondary schooling days, I'd look forward to the term holidays like any other kid. Not just because I could finally kick back and not have to worry about homework (for at least the first few days/weeks until I start to panic from the impending reopening of school gates), but also because I get up a bit later to eat breakfast with my late grandma. She'd always ask the night before what I wanted, before listing a whole list of items that I could choose from, like cai dau kueh (carrot cake) or char siew pau (steamed pork bun). But I'd always choose my favourite, mi ciam kueh (pancake with peanut/red bean filling). I just loved the dense pancake, slathered with silky smooth red bean paste or crunchy peanuts in between. The next morning, she would then walk all the way to the market just to buy what we wanted to eat, despite her having difficulty in walking. So when we got to the breakfast table, we'd be able to eat our favourite dishes from the market together.

I never got to tell her this, but what food we had for breakfast didn't matter; what mattered to me was being able to eat with her beside me. Now whenever my mom buys back some mi ciam kueh, it always brings back good stories and laughs at the breakfast table with my mama, as I would call her. Mi ciam kueh always tasted sweeter when she was around, and I'm always thankful for the sweet memories I had with her. #Hawkerpedia