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Seems like soft-serve is probably a up-and-coming trend these days considering the few brands of soft-serve that had came to Singapore or the late.

Wasn't truly impressed with what was being served here; yes, the Emma Milk Soft (aka the milk soft-serve that is the base here) was all smooth, creamy and dense, but the flavour of the soft-serve felt a little pedestrian whilst also melting a little quickly. Otherwise, the brown sugar helps to add a mellow yet rich sweetness, whilst the pearls were pretty chewy. The sprinkling of matcha powder (or any other powder depending on which flavour was chosen) felt a little gimmicky; the sprinkles probably adding on some colour to its presentation but otherwise having no effect in terms of flavour. Probably an item created more for the 'gram; the gravity defying capabilities being more of a selling point than the soft-serve itself.

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