KONE sits amongst the cluster of cafes in Jalan Dhoby and it'll be hard to miss KONE if you are there for the famous banana cake or one of the other cafes there. KONE sells just 4 different flavors of soft-serve ice cream: dark chocolate, yogurt, matcha and watermelon. My personal favourite would be the yogurt one which had the perfect balance between sweetness and sourness. It also had an authentic yogurt texture. Matcha and watermelon flavors were also rich and authentic. But the dark chocolate one was slightly lackluster as it wasn't rich enough - perhaps dark chocolate is simply incompatible with 'soft serve' type ice cream as it is light and fluffy by nature - gelato-type ice-cream is probably more suitable.

Plus point: dry ice theatric - they put dry ice below the cup to create a mist which is quite interesting to watch.

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