I have no idea why it's taken me this long to finally pen a review of my favorite dish from the Eatup at HolyCrab, but the Green Chili Crab is quite possibly the most marvelous variant of crab to claw its way out of HolyCrab's tiny kitchen.

A fresh, meaty Sri Lankan crab is steamed to succulent perfection before it's dumped into a sea of ridiculously redolent rempah. The housemade rempah is built from a heady hodgepodge of green chilies, candlenuts, scallions, lemongrass and onions. When it all fries in a massive wok with the crab, the mildly spicy but massively savory sauce gels onto the crustacean like a second shell.

The natural, subtle sweetness of the crab does get lost in the cacophony of flavors, unfortunately, but none of us were complaining as we urgently mopped up every last smidgen of that smashingly savory sauce with HolyCrab's fabulous fried mantous. Holy crab, indeed.

This was a hosted Eatup, courtesy of HolyCrab & Burpple!