Store is located under a HDB block 5 minutes walk away from Junction 8. Pretty convenient if you know Bishan well.

Went there specially for the buns after being reco by 小紅書. There were 4 flavours available and i got it all since they sell in box of 5 (using the big box). Was really surprised by the look of the buns and the fillings when i opened the box at home. The buns is toasted so its very crunchy. Best served hot.

Got myself a Champagne Grape Jelly Milk Tea ($4.4) and Lychee Fruit Tea ($3.5), with the Burpple 1-for-1 deal. Personally, 25% sugar is too sweet for me. Maybe also because the jelly itself is sweet already to begin with. But the jelly is a really good add-on to the drink.

They also offer student price milk tea @ $2.50 on weekdays, from 12PM-5PM. Need to present valid student card prior to ordering.

Overall rating:
Champagne Grape Jelly Milk Tea: 3/5 (too sweet for me)
Buns: 5/5 (definitely go try it out!!)
Bun flavours: Traditional Kaya, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Biscoff