Otto’s Wall ($23) 1/10
The waiter said this was a savoury cocktail and he wasn't lying. One of the ingredients in this is simply... 'salt'. And that isn't a lychee in the drink -- it's a pearl onion. Combined with the white wine vinegar and french wheat vodka, a sip of this felt like getting hosed in the face with an unreliable hangover remedy. As for the drinking partner who ordered this, he said it was incredible.

Rose-Coloured Glasses ($26) 10/10
I asked for a sweet but strong drink and I got this japanese gin-based treasure with elderflower, greek vermouth, palo cortado sherry, and orange bitters. And oh boy did it deliver! The moment the cocktail arrived, the saccharine, grape-y scent of the muscat gummy practically pulled my lips to the rim of the glass. The taste of the drink itself was sugary and smooth with floral finishing notes -- a light stroll through the gardens of candyland while tipsy from muscato. I could go all day about how much I love this drink!

Despite much ado about its lighter notes, the cocktail was still strong enough to give me the sensation of having drunk 2 drinks after I was through with it. And I'm no lightweight.

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