My second attempt to try out this much raved about Chef Kang wanton noodle. The first time I came they were closed, I think it was a Monday. This time they were very much available and the same chef was present as featured in their news and online feature, which is assuring. Added extra charsiew as the original serving has a tat too few slices. Noodle is described as bamboo shoot noodle 竹笙麵 which has that extra crunchy texture. I like it. However I find the flavour lacking. The “bak yew” (pork lard) was added but lacks flavour. Perhaps it’s because I asked to spare on the dark soy sauce (really don’t fancy that in wanton noodles), the output was just lacking in most departments. The soup was outstanding though. Good enough to match any hotpot stock. The wanton is more like shui gao 水餃 which somehow many confuses between that with wanton. Overall,