@peperonipizzeria doesn’t just do perfect pizza pies, they craft a charming Calamari Fritti as well, for the relatively reasonable price for $14++. Fourteen bucks for an appetiser is about right, and the sumptuous squid certainly warrants that price tag & possibly a little more.⠀

The felicitously fresh, snappy squid is coated in a beautiful batter that forms a stunningly crispy shell, which forms a perfect yin/yang contrast with the tender yet compellingly chewy squid. It’s salted superbly, but the sharp lemon mayonnaise & the mildly spicy arrabbiata sauce exponentially elevates this otherwise simple appetiser. The lemon mayo adds a redolent richness to the entire affair that’s kept in check by a zing from the zest of the lemon, while the mildly spicy arrabbiata adds a subtle, savoury spiciness to the proceedings.⠀

In summary: get the calamari at Peperoni Pizzeria. Thank me later in the form of US legal tender hundred dollar bills later. What can I say except you’re welcome.

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