As is the trend with many of the stalls featured in this guide, a perpetual crowd is often seen at this stall, which serves really tasty Kway Chap (avg $4) at very affordable prices, so join the queue! Tastemaker Nobelle Liew describes the kway to be silky-smooth and not so thick that it's unpleasant, yet not so thin that it tears easily. The large intestines were cleaned very well, and soaked up all the flavours of the wonderful braising liquid. Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang loves the broth, which was robust and herbal, without the strong smell of innards. While Tastemaker Wei Zhi felt the lean pork slices could be more thoroughly braised, Tastemaker Nobelle loved them, and described them to be tender and moist. We'll leave the verdict to you!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Nobelle Liew