While we usually go for the lighter and cheaper Yuki Matcha at Hvala, we decided to be brave and try the ceremonial-grade Kaze Matcha today! The drink is served in a nice bowl and colour-wise, it is of a much darker green compared to the Yuki Matcha.

Just to highlight, the drink is *extremely* bitter so you are strongly not advised to get the drink if you have a sweet tooth! Go for the Yuki Matcha instead as it comes with an option to sweeten the drink lightly. That being said, we love the astringent taste in the Kaze Matcha and the drink is a lot more full-bodied and grassy compared to the cheaper matcha options at many other cafes in Singapore! The Kaze Matcha at Hvala does not come cheap at $8.80++ but it is definitely worth a try for the pure matcha lovers out there!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Hvala has restricted guests to a one-hour dining duration so you may want to bear that in mind when making plans. In addition, the restaurant is really popular on weekends so you should be prepared to queue to get a table here. Nonetheless, the simple and lightly-coloured interior makes for a pretty tranquil atmosphere as you savour your matcha drink.😁