And it really was not boombastic to say how fantastic just how good it was.
Living up to its stall name, the fats of the Lorbak literally melted in the mouth. It was perfectly braised in the dark and intense-flavoured Lor gravy that carried a subtle taste of spices. We liked that it wasn’t salty though the Lor flavour was strong.
The braised pork trotter was also not to be missed. Its thick but soft skin, braised in the same Lor, was so sinfully satisfying. Likewise for their braised chicken wings.
To try out all these can get a little too much meat and jelak so a group of 3-4 would be ideal to share. They offered sides like preserved vegetables, peanuts, mushrooms and tofu although they played only small complementary roles.
Yes we enjoyed @mrlorbak_ubi_branch but our next itinerary would probably be to @house_of_happiness_sg to check out more of what else they have to offer.