Pictured above is the 6$ portion of char siew

Quite different from the Dian xiao er version, the danggui duck here also had a unique sweet danggui aroma and lots of flavour in the skin, though the skin wasn't too crispy. Duck meat was passably tender and it was quite lean. Still a great option nonetheless, esp considering that danggui ducks are hard to come by

Charsiew was absolutely bomb though. Very well marbled meat that was cooked to chewy perfection so that you as you keep chewing you keep releasing more and more of that divine smokiness from the flawlessly charred exterior. Though some people may prefer it to be more tender, I quite like this sort of texture esp when it comes with so much flavour.

P.S. tbh not sure if it's placed under the correct location since the eateries are side by side and store name stretches across both places as well. If anyone knows please inform me!

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