[UPDATE: As of 2015, the price of ribs has changed from RM 75 to RM 45. YAY!]

Char-grilled hickory piglet ribs, glazed with house-made BBQ sauce, served with fries, spicy mayonnaise coleslaw, and chilly sauce.This slab of pork ribs is incredibly huge. The waitress told me it will be just enough for ONE person, but no. Trust me. Having a big chunk of protein in front of your face makes it very hard to finish it all by yourself. Especially for those with small appetites or have not ate for a week.
Deliciously grilled till tender. MEAT FALLS OF THE BONES WITH JUST A NUDGE! That's the most important factor for a good pork rib. The house-made BBQ sauce really compliments it, meat is very tender and some parts of the pork fats melts in your mouth with a hint of sweet crispy edge. Although the BBQ sauce was literally drowning (not drizzled) on the ribs, it was still tolerable with fries and some table water to cleanse it.
Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 75++ - Definitely worth a try, but it may cause a hole into your pocket. Consider sharing the cost with someone to save your stomach from exploding! 😅) Bad photo quality. But it's the only one I have! 😞

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