As much as I love my creative dishes, not everyone does and sometimes the best judge of a café is how well they do the classics. What I like about this Kins’ Big Brekkie ($24) is that it really does look like a massive, hearty, tasty breakfast plate — and it tastes like that too. Their scrambled eggs are done rather well and just the way I like em: nice silky folds, creamy from being just slightly underdone, and not overly rich or buttery. Big thumbs up to their shrooms too, which were beautifully browned, well-seasoned and full of umami. Sourdough was nicely buttered and toasted; tomatoes sweet and grilled just right; and the regular processed hashbrowns well, hard to fuck up. I am a little on the fence about their candied bacon, which was very unevenly “candied” — if that makes sense to you. It was more akin to maple-drizzled bacon strips to me, with the top slice receiving more of the syrup bath and the bottom slices like regular (and very crispy) bacon. The sausage also tasted more like those processed English Cumberland ones, without the juicy chunky meat. It is a lil expensive considering the rather straightforward ingredients, but it’s tasty and satisfying and yknow it’s not always that easy to find a brekkie that offers you that — as common as this is.