IG: @eat_simi

Introducing this $10 glistening sinful wonder i've recently discovered at the newly opened Gochi-so Shokudo outlet in da wild west 🤩 Dabao this fast (BYOC!) before its promo ends on 18 August!!
Eat simi: Iberico Black Charsiew Don
Eat how much: $10.22 (incl. gst)
Eat which store: Gochi-so Shokudo
Eat where: Bukit Panjang Plaza
Eat nice not: 4.5/5
First off, the charsiew in yours sincerely's words, melt-in-your-mouth-artery-blocking-justified heavenly goodness. It's packed with intense char fragrance with the usual charsiew-sweetness 😚👌 You know how people usually comment of how the meat is "fragrant" or "sweet"? This is the perfect epitome of what these people are talking about. The marriage of the slight chew of meat fibres and glutinous texture of the nicely cooked Japanese rice immediately teleports you to a wedding ball *plays wedding march by Felix Mendelssohn* The glaze deeply infused with charcoal aroma also adds another dimension of flavour to the rice, giving it another *OOMPH* The acidity of the pickled radish was on point and accomplishes its perfect supporting role of cutting through the greasiness of the pork.
I was borderline gonna give it a 4.8/5 but it slowly started tasting more "Jelak" towards the end of my meal due to the greasiness of the pork. Also, i would prefer more consistency to the texture and cuts as some pork slices had a 90% fat-10% meat ratio :/
Overall, i really enjoyed how the the complex layers of flavours slowly unravels itself to reveal the distinct aroma of each element. ALSO CAN WE DISCUSS HOW THIS IS $10 FOR SUCH A BIG SERVING??? It feel like a $18 worth of meal (bc it was supposed to be $17.80 before promo HAHAH