It’s been close to 2 years since I had this TOMYUM Mazesoba. Covid was the main reason but actually they also pulled off this TOMYUM creation for over a year. Mazesoba or Taiwan style Mazesoba originates from Nagoya and is a pretty recent creation in 2008 as a dry ramen 🍜 option. The noodles are wheat soba which is thick like udon but texture unlike the soft and delicate soba. Instead it has that extra bite that is hard to compare with other ramen/noodles. What comes close was Tokyo’s famous dry style ramen-ya Rokurinsha六厘舍 which was as I recall much harder and thicker). The texture of the thick smooth soba goes so well with the minced meat sauce. The original flavor/toppings of mazesoba is minced pork, chives, spring onion, fish powder and of course onsen egg. This variant available at Kororo ❤️ Mazesoba, in my view their best creation to date: TOMYUM 🇹🇭MAZESOBA. So glad they brought this back!