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For a BBQ steamboat experience, it was worth the price for 2 pax! 👍🏼 Affordably priced at $20/- it included a meat and seafood platter, veggie basket with vermicelli noodles & two bowls of rice. It also came with what i believe was chicken stock soup, in a kettle! This added a flavoursome taste with the veggies. The Chilli sauce provided was real good too! Meat was tender and delicious. However, the most disappointing part of my dining experience was not having Thai Tom Yum soup!?!??!?! ( 😟😵 ) No Thai cuisine would ever be complete without it.... (Same goes with not having iced Thai milk tea! But that's besides the point) I figured we would be given the option of choosing our soup bases but no, the chicken stock soup was fixed to the entire menu. It was a real shame; I felt not having the Thai Tom Yum soup was a real bummer and it didn't really complete my first ever Thai BBQ steamboat experience. It would have probably made my experience more wholesome and fulfilling with it :)