As if beauty world centre is not ulu enough, this restaurant challenges our level of determination by being at a corner of the 4th floor (along the stretch with Oishii Bakery). The place is small, but cosy as we were greeted by the friendly native Koreans upon entering. Food offerings are not frivolous, but the menu is extensive considering the size of the restaurant.

The seafood pancake ($20), sweet & spicy fried chicken ($25 for half, $35 for whole), BBQ meats and military stew are excellent choices for big group sharing. I personally love the seafood pancake because it's thicker than usual, with a chewy center loaded with ingredients and crispy exterior that was perfectly browned. Do dip it in the accompanying sauce for a complete gastronomic experience 👍 Oh wait but no Korean cuisine is complete without their fried chicken so remember to grab one and sink your teeth into that sticky, gooey mess of arteries-clogging indulgence.