Managed to utilise 2 1-for-1 deals as we had 4 diners and the food is really good! I will definitely come back here again even if the promotions end.

We ordered a couple of dishes for sharing - mentaiko pasta, unagi fried rice, mentaiko scallops, chicken nanban, truffle fries.

As a fan of mentaiko pasta, this reminded us of our good old school days hanging out at the now defunct Five And Dime, which served fabulous mentaiko pasta. While the portion may seem small for one diner, sharing arrangement is perfect for the pasta as I suspect it may get more 'gelat' if one has more of it.

Mentaiko scallops were juicy and fragrant, we totally dipped our truffle fries in too so that we do not waste any of the sauce.

Couldn't taste much unagi in the fried rice given the portion and lighting, perhaps it's better for 1 pax! Mildly disappointing for an unagi fan like me, but then again, I guess good unagi can always be found elsewhere in other Japanese restaurants.

Chicken nanban was so-so, can consider ordering it to try for the first time, but it shouldn't be on my list for returning orders in future.

Highly recommend the mentaiko pasta, scaloops and truffle fries! Looking forward to dining in during happy hours soon to try out their alcoholic drinks.

I had a yuzu soda this time round, and it was refreshing as well (: