- Okra Octopus (tapas)
- Bajan Fish Tacos (tapas) - in photo
- Oxtail & Eggplant (tapas)
- L.H. Jerk Chicken (main)
- Ms Ginny (cocktail)
- Pinky Promise (cocktail)
- Samaroli Demerara Rum (a shot)
Total cost: $197

The food was really good, especially the Octopus and Oxtail. The cocktails were great and we really enjoyed Ms Ginny. The service was mostly friendly except for the lady who sat us (she also sounded really defensive when we were asking about their rum selection). Otherwise, the team was very nice and helpful, especially the bartender.

They do have a huge selection of rum (500+ types) so rum lovers will have a great time here.

The vibe is casual, although the price tag isn’t. But we’ll be back cos the food and drinks are great. Looking forward to trying more tapas, rum and cocktails!