On my list to try for the longest of time, and it never happened even when it was having @burpple 1-1, so when I finally decided to try the deal was no longer there πŸ˜‚.

Waffle with Double Scoop ($16.50)
- Pistachio & Banana Walnut Brownie Icecream

🌟 Their Pistachio Icecream was super strong I loved it! It was slightly too sweet for my liking, but I'd still gladly have 1 scoop for myself because of the strong Pistachio flavour.

The Banana Walnut Brownie Icecream was not bad as well, it had a strong banana flavour, and the brownie within was slightly chewy.

The waffles were less fluffy than expected tho, and weren't as crispy as I thought it would be. Not the substantial kind of waffles I was expecting, although it was really fragrant in terms of flavour.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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