Avocado Momo Drink ($7.80) - A blend of avocado, milk, ice and topped with coconut milk, mangoes, sago and grapefruit pulp. Sweetness was mild and just nice, didn’t felt like there was much added sugar. Drink was also sealed into a can on the spot, so if you’re doing a takeaway no worries on spillage.

Their Ceylon Milk Tea ($5.20) was amazing! Consist of Ceylon tea, milk and lotus biscuit topped with whipped cream. No photos but the aroma of the tea was strong and fragrant with the right balance of milk and tea. Tasted so good and smooth! I’ve forgotten to ask for less sweet so it was 100% but it was not overwhelming.

Strawberry Momo Drink ($8.50) - fresh strawberries, milk, ice topped with coconut milk, mangoes, sago and grapefruit was delicious as well. Best consumed within the hour as the coconut milk can get a little jelak when it is no longer cold.

Overall good experience, but prices are on the higher side. Staff were also friendly and drinks were freshly prepared.