A collaboration between Timbre+ tenant TUK-TUK Viethai (one of the newest tenants at Timbre+) and The Disgruntled Chef. The durian ice-cream is what dreams are made of — so pungent, so rich it's like you are eating the real deal, just colder, smoother and no fibres. Glutinous Rice is pretty much what you would expect from a Thai Mango Sticky Rice dessert; subtly sweet but with Ikan Bilis for a little savoury crunch. The sugared basil leaf helps add a little sweetness and gives it a herby flavour while balancing out both elements. This is the only dessert available at the Open Stoves event at Timbre+ (usual desserts are still available at the various stalls in Timbre+) which I feel is something you should not miss if you are in need for a dessert to end off the meal perfectly.