78 Alkofelic is the new specialty coffee cocktail bar in town - risked not being able to sleep at night by having some caffeinated cocktails after dinner but thankfully managed to have a good night's rest 😁

The Scotch Tea ($13.80++, right) was pleasant to drink - the chai masala tea was fragrant, & the evaporated milk took the milkiness up a notch without making it too sweet or creamy. The scotch, admittedly, doesn't feel as strong as I am used to (that is, on the rocks πŸ˜…), but overall this is a nice cocktail to wind down at the end of your week with.

On the flip side, the Flying Singaporean ($13.80++, left) really packs a punch. If you don't like the strong taste of hard liquor or coffee, then this is NOT the drink for you. Look at the ingredients & you'll know why: Absinthe, XO, coffee. Need I say more? πŸ˜‚ I mentally prepared myself for my first sip, but what hit me truly wow-ed me. A solid, strong drink.

78 Alkofelic is a Burpple Beyond partner, so one of my cocktails was free πŸ™ŒπŸ» The other possible options to redeem are: Savoury, Sweet (which I probably wouldn't go for after that disappointing cake I ate), & Coffee. I am very keen to try their coffee next time!

πŸ’³ Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
πŸ–₯ Accepts reservations - I used Chope
🍽 Burpple Beyond partner
πŸ“Ά Free WiFi available