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GG French Poulet, Seasonal House-made Pickles, Truffle Honey. Was really blown away by this dish during dinner — using chicken that is farmed locally at Toh Thye San farm in Loyang. The chicken came with a crisp skin; the flesh so tender, so succulent and juicy while the skin comes glazed in a truffle honey glaze. The truffle honey glaze was truly amazing; the truffle cuts through the sweetness at the right point, providing a flavour contrast that makes their variant so different from the usual honey-glazed chicken dish. The tater tots are absolutely a charm on their own; crisp on the exterior while the potato filling were similar to those of croquettes, though less dense and creamy. The house-made pickles gives a good tang and a crunch. So delicious, we were already making plans to revisit while we were slowly going through the entire dish to savour all that goodness (and making it last, so we wouldn’t be all too sad when everything on the plate is gone).