Besides its fun yellow facade and crazy influx of influencer-seeded posts flooding (LITERALLY FLOODING) my stories, I was really really excited to try Flash Coffee because of their innovative creations and range of non-dairy milks. So we hopped on over while their 1-for-1 opening deal was still running, joined the hoard of people willing to wait 30min for a cuppa, and loaded up on enough caffeine for a family 🙃 To sum it all up: hits and misses, but in general they pull a good shot and some of their non-coffee beverages were pretty impressive. We tried their Melaka (Oat) Latte, Macadamia (Oat) Latte, Lotus Biscuit (Coconut) Shake, and Matcha-Damia (Coconut) Shake. While I liked that the flavoured coffee drinks weren’t too sweet so we don’t feel like we’re paying for overpriced bux, it also means that the flavours don’t come across pronounced enough. For one I was really looking forward to a good hit of fragrant gula melaka in the Melaka Latte, but honestly besides a mild nuttiness I really didn’t get much from it 🤔 The shakes were basically shaken non-espresso drinks, and I gotta admit i quite liked the Matcha-Damia! Great balance between the bitter tea and nutty sweet macadamia syrup 🥰

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