Flash frozen with liquid nitrogen, the basil leaf atop cuts a striking image with an out there pairing of basil meringue and ants sitting pretty within its fold. No, this isn't from any episode of Fear Factor, but the signature cocktail from up and coming cocktail bar, Native. You're supposed to pop the whole leaf into your mouth for the full experience.

Imported from Thailand, the weaver ants are crunchy but taste of little else, although it's said they are meant to be nutty and slightly sourish. Native's ethos of sourcing it products locally from the region is reflected in everything, from its music, to its drinks ware, and of course their cocktails.

Concocted from a shaken mix of handmade coconut yoghurt, Chalong Bay rum, bits of salt-baked tapioca and soursop, the final secret ingredient is locally foraged ants swirled into the drink for a hint of acid. As a whole the cocktail is reminiscent of alcoholic fermented milk -- sweet, slightly sour and creamy.

Taste: 4/5