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No one does gelato as good as them, I swear!! Back again at my favourite place for gelato. Got these sweeties on Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 and super worth it 💯

Got the Pistachio & Hazelnut & Lemon Basil & Green Tea Toasted Rice. I must say all of them were done well starting with the sweet intense Pistachio that had a fragrant nutty taste and pistachio bits omg so good😍 to the hazelnut which tasted like ferrero rocher and having a scoop of the Lemon Basil which went well as a palate cleanser to cut off the heaviness of the previous flavours and for me to indulge more😬 The toasted green tea though, I must say even made a matcha hater like me to love this👍👍 it was just done so well I cannot describe it, gotta try for yourself especially those who dislike matcha.

I would gladly return anytime I’m craving for the pistachio because hands down, the best pistachio gelato I ever tasted and even without the 1-for-1, I would get it. Special shoutout to the Toasted Green Tea too❤️ Miss this already😅

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