Back to the usual favourite hunt, this time we decided to try something new and got the Devil’s Fried Rice with Seafood, but a more toned down cowardly version of it.

Of which their staff still recommended I get a drink to douse the fire 😂 - but the less spicy version was actually VERY mild and manageable.
The fluffy fried rice was very tasty with a bit of heat from the chilli shrimp paste, chunks of squid/ prawn and fish were quite fresh! With my recent obsession with Thai omelette (very unhealthy but tbh, the oilier it is the better it tastes), we ordered the one with pork, pretty good but wasn’t what I had expected (not as fluffy) and they were not very generous with the minced pork. Also, it was more expensive than my fried rice and some meat dishes 🤷🏻‍♀️