What a bargain! I still can't believe this cost only $5.80. Actually, that scoop of tuna (mayo-less so it's healthier) cost an extra $1. Therefore if I had omitted that, the rest of it came to only $4.80. This to me is worth every cent because it included a pile of salad leaves, 6 toppings of my choice and a salad dressing. For my toppings, I went for dragonfruit, a whole hard-boiled egg, raw sweet corn kernels, broccoli (cut into fine, long strips), baby spinach and parboiled giant beansprouts. All the dressings here are made from scratch (as stated in the newspaper article pasted up on the stall's front). Only after some deliberation did I pick the Japanese Wafu Sauce (which I had asked to be packed separately). It was really yummy and went beautifully with my salad.
Now I'm wishing The Salad Bar will open a branch much closer to my office.