Favourite dessert spot currently in Singapore. I literally rave about this place to all my friends. One of a kind kakigori here because we were the last to get the Sakura 😂 The owners here are sooooo friendly, and Kevin came to tell us about their kakigori, which they took months to craft and perfect. (Go down and have a chat with them, they'll be more than happy to explain everything to you! ☺️) Their kakigori is like a cross between traditional ice kachang and Korean Bingsu, although personally think it's a whole new level of shaved ice. The texture of the ice is so fluffy and perfect, and when paired with the Hokkaido Sakura cream Espuma, Houjicha sauce, shiratama, azuki and brownies, it was mindblowingly good. Nothing was over-cloying and all the flavours gelled together really well. Just take my money!