It doesn't get any cheaper than this place, it is a classic example of affordability meets quality. Their menu and prices haven't seemed to change since the 1980s (an exaggerated expression, but you get the drift). Since we first moved to the area seven years ago, my family has come here every weekend for a good family dinner. It's so good that my mom would get lazy to cook us a meal, and make us walk over to have dinner instead (true story, and we don't mind at all! Hahaha). Because of this zi char, we have become closer, making time for family dinners and conversations. The food brought us closer together, literally. Portions here are generally larger than what other zi char places serve you. The taste of the food here is also more robust, lemak and generous. The fish head is super fresh (they are basically sold out on a daily basis!), with thick, chunky white flaky meat that just falls off the bones. The curry is so delicious that I drown my plate of rice with it and even "drink" it! This is my family's little secret hangout place, along with other families staying in this area too. #hawkerpedia