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Also hidden in Bugis Cube is this Indonesian-owned dessert shop that is every sweet tooth's dream. Pancake Boss Martabak Manis serves freshly-baked pancakes called "martabaks", similar to the all familiar min chiang kueh. Other than the usual peanut filling, the pancakes can also be filled with other sugary treats like choco rice, Smarties and matcha Kit Kat. They are sold as a whole pancake (20cm long) which can feed three comfortably, so take this away to share with colleagues over tea. There are over 20 combinations to choose from, including the Red Robin ($14.80), red velvet base with lemon cream cheese and Oreos, and the Pancake Boss Special ($9.50) that comes with Ovomaltine and bananas. If it's your first time here like Burpple Tastemaker Jean Kao, go for the Boss Combo ($9.90). It's filled with crushed peanuts, choco rice and grated martabak cheese. According to Tastemaker Jean, the martabak cheese, a type of processed cheddar made by Kraft Foods that is unique to Indonesia, had her colleagues raving non-stop! Each order is made on the spot, so be prepared to wait.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Jean Kao