Presented in Japan-made boxes with a lacquer finish, the food in Kappo Shunsui’s NEW Takeaway menu offers a selection of the season’s best, prepared in different ways to keep your palate excited.
Shown above is the Seasonal Kaiseki Bento ($150) I had recently, the six compartments were filled with the following delectable bites:

1. Sashimi: Chutoro, Kinmedai, Uni, Ikura.
2. Grilled: Silver Cod with Ginger Flower
3. Simmered: Round Eggplant, Abalone and Yam Potato in Crab Meat Sauce.
4. Meat: Melt-in-the-mouth A5 Omi Wagyu Sirloin.
5. Rice Dish: Nodoguro with Japanese Pepper and Red Turnip.
6. Deepfried: Japanese Sweet Corn, Asparagus, Golden Eye Snapper Rolled with Uni.

Accompanying it was a bowl of intense Miso Soup concocted with Japanese Pepper, Steamed Miller Wheat Gluten, Nameko Mushrooms and Mitsuba.

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