Godmama was rated the top best restaurant by chope users in 2019, and they boast an interestingly decorated interior as well as "modern peranakan" fare. In the evenings, I've seen diners sipping craft beers alfresco, amongst some greenery and fairy lights.

I personally came here for lunch and expected to taste some interesting peranakan-fusion picks and expertly cooked traditional dishes. Unfortunately, the only savoury fusion dish was buah keluak pasta. I think most of their dishes' "modernity" lies in their pretty creative desserts, my favourite of which was the sticky red date pudding. ((Coming in part 3!))

Overall, they do the traditional dishes decently well but I didn't find them particularly inspiring. 😓

Beef rendang ($14.90) 🐄 6/10
This lunch set comes with chap chye, butterfly pea jasmine rice, and a small amount of achar. The curry was full of flavour but the meat was a quite tough and dry inside, unfortunately!

Emping Keropok ($6.90) 🌶️ 6/10
These crackers were glistening in freshly-fried glory, but didn't have much of their usual bitter taste. The belacan mayo they were served with had a delayed-action spiciness that kicks in after you taste the mayo -- slightly jarring but definitely very unique.

Ngoh hiang ($11.90) 🍤 7/10
These fresh balls of minced pork and prawns were freshly and well fried. You can't really ever go wrong with ngoh hiang and these were no exception.

Otak ($9.90) 🍥 6/10
I don't think the otak was good because they lacked a grilled wok hey flavour. They were kind of undercooked and mediocre. Maybe it's just personal preference too.

Sayur Lodeh ($12.90) 🍛 8/10
Very aromatic and flavourful. I actually enjoyed this the most out of all the dishes because of its great balance between the coconut milk and other spices.