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This is one of the most stressful and terrifying supper experiences one can undergo, with a most handsome reward... IF you survive the onslaught.

Come midnight, once everything is ready, the stall lights come on, and (like when you alert the Witch in Left 4 Dead) the horde closes in via stampede to instantly form two queues — one to pick the ingredients, and one to place your order and make payment. It is essential to go in a minimum party of two, and assign the relevant roles beforehand if you want to reach home before daybreak. You will feel cold, limp, sweaty flesh caress your body parts from behind as the ravenous zombies dart for taupok and brinjal below and above your arms; you will hear desperate cries of "aiyah just 随便 (anyhow) pick lah!" from warriors who simply want the ordeal to be over; your body will be shoved left and right by aggressive golems in the fray if you don't stand firm while picking your items; your patience will wear thin when the uncivilised and daring brazenly cut the queue to fling their bowl ahead of yours, in a manner of a skilful frisbee toss, into the bowl queue. It will be ugly.

But, if you survive — and I have, precisely six times — you will be rewarded with one of the best yong tau foos around. The variety of ingredients is just wonderful (their pork items in particular, like their pork belly, fly off the shelves), and the ikan bilis-heavy soup demands consumption in its entirety. I always ask for green chilli padi to be added, but do be warned — they add a fierce edge to the soup that will sting you without mercy if you happen to bite on them.

There is a cheat code, like in every other game, if you wish to avoid the horrors of the above-mentioned experience — just go after 12.30am. By then, order will be restored by way of self-regulation, and all you have to do is queue for a long, long time. But, where's the fun in that?

Soon Li Yong Tau Foo is a must try. This is non-negotiable. But before you taste the best, you gotta pass the test. #hawkerpedia

Sound so exciting n fun!Im not a supper person, but i feel like trying! 😂😂
Eileen Ong it's the most stressed I felt since exam days man 😰