This place appeared to be famous for their maguro but I was in the mood for salmon (I prefer salmon over maguro) so I ordered the cheapest item on the menu, the Salmon Rice Bowl with thick sliced Atlantic Salmon.

I have to say that they delivered on what they put on their menu! The salmon pieces were thick and substantial. The slices were beautifully marbled and fresh. It tasted sweet and melts in my mouth. Love love love!!! The rice used was authentic Japanese short grain rice, and tasted SO DELICIOUS with the Salmon. The rice was like glowing (i am not exaggerating) and perfectly seasoned, not too sour to overpower the salmon. The wasabi was also not too strong tasting, which I loved.

Would love to try the Maguro bowls in the future as the cheapest item on the menu, which was not their specialty, had honestly impressed me.