A deep fried dumpling encasing smoked bacon, truffle potato, caramelised onions and cheddar with a side of sriracha cream, the pierogi is a Polish dumpling and it is sure to be a big hit to your savoury palate and ideal if you have been searching for something different in Singapore's F&B scene!

I would say the ingredients, while unconventional in what Singaporeans might traditionally know as dumplings, are pretty safe coming together, thus I did not have any concerns that the combination might be odd. That said, I really enjoyed this as the truffle taste from the potato is prominent without overwhelming the other elements, while the bacon, onions and cheese play on textures while adding more bang to the overall taste of this. Sriracha cream is sooo good, though I initially mistook it for a cheese dip. 😅

Specifically for the Pierogi, sharing may or may not be recommended though, as I did find the flavours get a little heavy the more I ate them, otherwise ordering other dumplings along with this might help balance out the flavours. 👍🏻