Riders Cafe’s no unfamiliar name in the cafe scene. They’re one of the OG cafes, best known for hearty brunches in their quaint space tucked away in all the greenery. Came by this time for their dinner that’s available 5pm onwards and enjoyed the different evening ambience.

Started off with this vegan appetiser which I loved! This was very thoughtfully put together. Sweet Japanese squash that was perfectly roasted to a fluffy texture, served with lots of bright toppings - grains, pops of sweet pomegranate, and a refreshing mix of chopped tomatoes, onions, kale, mint and parsley. All these were brought together with their lightly savory house made miso tahini. This was not only fun to have, but was actually of a good substantial portion too.

Thank you Willa, Sam & @riderscafe for having us, and @fatpigdiary for the kind invite! ✨