After a failed lunch that day, we went back to our trusty spot for noodles we know will satisfy. Tried something new this time, the soup noodles! Noodles in the soup sadly looses a bit of that chew, but their Japanese-like (yes Japanese! 😂) soup is nice to slurp on. Dumplings are the bite-sized kind, a slightly thicker skin but I like that it’s q. Filling is seasoned well, but if I had to choose, I like the chives pork one more, just cause I’m a huge fan of chives!

A9 is a very no-frills spot, so no fancy toppings, but it’s simple, comforting and the food is always whipped up quickly. Ps. Skip the mala and spicy savoury noodles + tea leaf eggs.

📍A9 面条 • 饺子 A9 Noodle Dumpling
Fortune Centre #03-17