🍗Food review:
Did you know Tenderfresh started in Singapore as a way to create our own distinctive Singaporean fried chicken? Our very own local fried chicken franchise has now branched out all over Singapore! And it’s halal too😉

✨Fries with Meat Sauce, Cheese and Mayo✨
I was really surprised by how delicious this side was! I had no idea meat sauce, cheese and mayo would go so well together😍 The fries tasted like normal shoestring fries, but the sauce tasted like a cheeseburger🍔 It does get a little jelak, but eating this with the plain fried chicken is a perfect match😋

💰: $5.90
📈: 9/10

✨Half Spring Chicken✨
This was a really filling meal, especially since it was half a chicken for one person! The first bite was juicy and crispy, but when it reaches the middle, it gets a little dry and tough to chew. There wasn’t any sauce provided to add flavour either. If you want some authentic chicken with no extra flavouring added, order this! Maybe share it with a friend as it gets plain just eating one chicken for dinner🐓

💰: $10.50
📈: 7.5/10

✨Succulent Crispy Skin Chicken Chop✨
I actually preferred this over the famous fried chicken😜 This had a sauce for the chicken, but it is slightly watery. The chicken chop was tender and did not feel dry at all. Every meal also has a slice of garlic bread, but it was a little too soggy for me. I recommend sharing a few dishes among friends to try different kinds of chicken😚

💰: $9.50
📈: 8/10

💸Total damage for 2 pax: ~$30