My family is always in the mood for Teochew porridge. Despite the fact that the dishes we ordered ain’t traditional Teochew style, the taste of their staple dishes is still something comforting that keep us coming back for more.

❤️ their high fat content — ‘dong puo rou’ [a.k.a. braised pork belly] that consist of wobbly skin with a layer of melt-in-your mouth fat beneath and thick chunks of lean meat braised in this incredibly flavourful soy sauce-based gravy.

Their crunchy prawn roll fried to golden brown and generously stuffed with finely minced meat, prawn and water chestnuts is another hit with us! ⭐️

Finally, I would very much like to enjoy the other dish — bitter gourd fried with egg and salted egg white. However, the gourd proves to be too bitter for my liking. 🤢

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