It’s always been a pleasure to be at The Salted Plum — was glad to have been invited for the Burpple Eatup that was held at The Salted Plum recently to try out their revised menu, which sees a couple of new dishes introduced alongside old favourite that are still available.

We managed to try an extensive selection of items from both their all-day dining menu, as well as from the newly-introduced supper menu. Highlights from the menu would definitely be the hot favourites ever since their inception, such as the Burnt Chili Chicken (smoky chunks of spicy chicken with notes of coriander), Lu Rou (pork belly with their signature Haus Saus; all richly savoury, while the meat all tender and juicy; a signature since their days as Five Ten) that goes extremely well with the Shiny Rice (rice drizzled with lard and garlic oil) — all of which are items from the all-day dining menu that I had tried on my very first visit, priced reasonably at $10 and are dishes that I would most certainly order again whenever I am at The Salted Plum. Other items we had tried from the all-day dining menu included the crisp and tender Pork Chop. The brand new supper menu features more comfort food, along with bar bites that would work well with drinks (e.g. the Golden King Mushroom, Plum Powder that is crisp with a bite whilst carrying a slight hint of umami from the plum powder). We also enjoyed the Crispy Duck Leg (fried duck leg that comes with a crisp exterior and succulent meat that is all savoury and falls off the bone neatly), the Oyster Omelette (their very own rendition of the Taiwanese dish that is slightly more dense than our local variant without being overly starchy) and the Sweet Potato Congee (all smooth and silky with a thoughtful use of dashi that makes it incredibly flavourful with a hint of sweetness that is absolutely delicious even for those who dislikes the plain-tasting nature of Congee). Ended the meal off with their Red Tea Jelly, Pearls, Cream dessert — the only dessert listed on the menu here at The Salted Plum which I had also tried during my previous visit; essentially bubble tea in dessert form that carries the fragrance of red tea whilst pairing with the rich, milky aroma of the cream well.

Again, we were certainly impressed with what The Salted Plum is able to offer — food of good quality at a reasonable and affordable price point that works great for sharing. It’s certainly hard to come across eateries with a Taiwanese twist, much less for one that is pretty much value-for-money. Thanks to Burpple for the invite, and The Salted Plum for hosting!