Stumbled upon this old school-styled cafe which had traditional kopitiam delights at an affordable price in comparison to the other establishments in the Tanjong Pagar area.

Started off with the Peanut Butter French Toast ($4.50) which were slightly-bigger-than-bite-sized squares of eggy bread filled with peanut butter, with drizzles of honey on top. This combination worked surprisingly well, but I wished the peanut butter filling was thicker and creamier.

For mains, we had the Signature Hainanese Chicken Cutlet ($15.90). The chicken cutlet was clearly the star of the show - a huge, thick slab of breaded boneless chicken leg. Bite into it with an audible *crunch*, and you'll be greeted with the juicy and flavour chicken within. Pair this with the rich, buttery gracy, and you have a winner of a chicken cutlet. Loved this from the first bite till the last lick of the plate.

Washed everything down with the Iced Teh C ($4), and we were already making plans to return to try the other dishes on the menu!