3.75⭐ Managed to book a month ago for 50% slot today. However I don't crave for BBQ as I just ate few weeks ago. Initial plan was to order the main for myself only while WB will have BBQ meat to himself. End up we ordered 2 meats since the wagyu boneless short rib is available. Although it's tender but it just doesn't have melt in your mouth feeling. I wanted the try the bibim naengmyeon and the portion is huge! The naengmyeon is super chewy which is not easily cut by the teeth hence the scissors came to rescue. WB wanted the Jjajangmyeon but it's not available. I asked him to choose the Bibimbap instead since I had one just few days ago. WB has the perception that Bibimbap is just normal rice with vegetable hence I asked him to try it. The hot stone bowl served is smaller than Ju Shin Jung and I have difficulty mixing the bibimbap without spilling the food. WB also find it not bad and he likes the crunchy charred rice. IMO, Ju Shin Jung Bibimbap is tastier.
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