A classic fried chicken thigh, topped with cheddar cheese, coleslaw, honey mustard mayo in a brioche bun.

I would’ve actually said that this is a quite a delicious chicken burger BUT the fried chicken thigh was small - significantly smaller than the brioche bun itself. That’s such a huge disappointment for a burger! I personally also would’ve liked it more if the chicken thigh was slightly oilier so that it would be much tastier.

I think overall it’s still a pretty nice chicken burger, and definitely a great pick for the price point after the 25% off Burpple Beyond discount.

It was worth a try seeing that the place was fairly talked about for a period of time - but I doubt I would be back, unless either the quality and taste of food steps up or the price goes down. I find that it’s stuck in a vague middle ground where I’d rather go for something cheaper or something tastier. Especially being in a competitive mall like Funan where there are so many other food options!

We visited on a weekend evening and there were many seats available. The ambience is very much like your usual fast food chain.

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