Spent all week anticipating a hearty ramen brunch here (especially after hearing that the chef came from Buta God at Ramen champion)...but this bowl didn’t quite meet our expectations. I’m generally impartial when it comes to the different varieties of ramen noodles, yet I’m sorry to say I didn’t enjoy the the curly yellow noodles served here; floury, dense and with an egg-y undertone, the only thought in my mind was “BRUH THIS IS MEE KIA!!!” Ofc I didn’t say that to the cute Japanese waiter. Broth was pretty creamy and thick for a miso-based one (which I appreciated since I’m a tonkotsu kinda gurl) but wayyyyy too oily and salty. While both of these aspects can be justified by the fact that it’s prepared “Hokkaido-style”, such a heavy bowl just can’t cut it for me. The saving grace: their ajitama. Perfectly marinated and with a sticky molten core, it was the one thing I savored throughout the entire meal. Maybe their tempura don would fare better - family behind mine ordered the ginormous unagi bowl and were going nomnomnom non-stop!!😋

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