Was it serendipitious that I chanced upon @mr.kneadys sourdough loaf first at The @thecheeseshop, and then their magnificient sourdough pizza at their bakery in Bedok Marketplace, on the same day?

The owner’s passion for baking is only superceded by the irony of him being quite allergic to flour. Thankfully he’s stuck to his guns through stints in America and Iceland, returning to these sunny shores to gift us with an undeniable talent for producing really beautiful bread and pizza.

The best pepperoni in the y-east is a beast –
Light, thin, slightly chewy, topped with a garlicky housemade tomato sauce and perfect ratios of pepperoni, salami and mozzarella.

Besides this, they also have 3 other pizzas including an interesting dessert one topped with creme fraiche and bananas, as well as a selection of breads.


Taste: 4/5

4/5 on Jason’s scale indeed hehehe one of my fav pizzas ❤️
Been craving for these pizzas but so far ....
@timtam_tum yes! Too good and such a hidden gem
@MichelleLin They are on grabfood but always unavailable for delivery 🥺
How I wish they were in town 😂