CBD friends, are you missing Arcade Fish Soup already? It’s been 3 years since I last had it but I have always remembered it as one of the nicest fish soups around.

A hearty bowl comes with fresh mackerel slices of considerable size. Even for the fried fish version, I was delighted to find that instead of being soggy, the batter soaks up the broth pretty well while infusing its savoriness into the broth. That being said, you get robust fish meat wrapped within. Not only are there vegetables and tomato, they also include Sichuan pickles and egg tofu. White rice, brown rice and Beehoon are separately packed. Don’t forget the crispy fried garlic, that elevates the milky broth with its punchy flavor. If you are adventurous enough, try the zesty chili with a sour-spicy zing, bound to be a bomb.

Islandwide delivery at a flat fee of $8 going directly to the drivers. No minimum order. Check out their Facebook page daily for more information on ordering.

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