Having visited Sweet Thoughts by M.O.D a number of times, I have been feeling rather compelled to return for how their desserts do come with an interesting local twist, featuring the flavours of familiar local desserts presented in a different form. They were also one of the last few places that I have visited slightly before the “Circuit Breaker” was implemented with the rise in COVID-19 cases during this time in 2020 — also my last visit here until fairly recently.

I am actually rather torn between the various shaved ice and hot desserts available here, so it is always good to be here with friends for how everyone does seem to end up ordering the various flavours here — not to mention how the shaved ice desserts are good for sharing. The Kaya Pandan Shaved Ice features elements such as Toasted Bread, Black Sugar Jelly, Pandan Jelly and Gula Melaka Cheese Cap — replicates the classic Hainanese breakfast of Kaya Toast, but also seemingly carrying a little influence from Chendol itself. Unlike other establishments which serve shaved ice, there is something about the shaved ice from Sweet Thoughts by M.O.D being exceptionally rich and creamy; there is a lingering creaminess to the evident hints of Pandan going on in there, and that works especially well with the toasted bread cubes that are similar to croutons — creates a crunch, and does replicate that Kaya Toast vibes in an elevated form. The other elements such as the jellies give an additional chew factor, while the Gula Melaka Cheese Cap, though albeit unnecessary, does provide for that instagrammable pour shot for the dessert if one fancies — also adds a slight creaminess almost akin to the smooth and creamy, yet not particularly heavy cheese mousse/cream/foam that bubble tea stalls serve up; good to have however.

Have always been a fan of the desserts at Sweet Thoughts by M.O.D; their offerings brining a sense of newness to the usual offerings commonly found in traditional Chinese dessert shops. While their offerings do seem a tad limited, they still do offer quite a large variety of flavours which are done rather well that makes return visits almost mandatory despite axing off quite a number of items from the shaved ice menu. That being said, I do wish that Sweet Thoughts by M.O.D will be able to continue to innovate further with creative, traditional desserts served with a dash of modernity — the menu has been rather stagnant for the past one year, and would certainly help if they could just perhaps work on a special every now and then to draw the crowds back.